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new jinan-qingdao high-speed rail station-front project

visits : release time :2017-12-28

as the company’s first high-speed railway project, this project is also the first high-speed railway project constructed under the leadership by the local government. the construction speed of the entire line has created a new peak in high-speed rail construction speed. the line has a total length of 307.8 kilometers and a design speed of 350 kilometers/hour. after the project is completed, it can achieve that it only takes one hour to directly arrive in qingdao from jinan, and two hours to directly arrive in yantai, weihai, rizhao, etc. from jinan. in addition, the railway line will be connected to the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway and shijiazhuang-jinan passenger transport line, and by means of the planned jinan-liaocheng inter-city railway, connected to the beijing-kowloon passenger transport line and integrated with the national high-speed railway network.