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rail traffic line 10 hailun road station plot comprehensive development project

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i. brief introduction and analysis of important and difficult points of the project

located at no. 96, siping road, hongkou district, shanghai, this project has a total area of 169,000m2, of which underground building area is 53,926m2 and above-ground building area is 115,180m2. important and difficult points of the project:

1) deep and large foundation pit, complicated surrounding environment, great construction difficulty

2) narrow site, great plane arrangement difficulty

3) disturbing residents and people disturbance

4) multi-discipline three-dimensional cross construction, great difficulty in general contracting management and coordination

5) close to the metro line, great construction difficulty

ii. application of new technologies

this project mainly adopts following construction technologies, including ultra-deep (48m) three-axis mixing piles, ultra-deep (50m) underground diaphragm wall, trd construction method, mjs construction method construction technology close to metro line and deep foundation pit group soil excavation and support (support replacement), deep foundation pit group precipitation full-automatic system, full-circle obstacles removal, hydraulic creeping formwork, cross-subway steel structure installation technologies, etc. this project successfully solves the problems in modification and construction of deep foundation pit and super high-rise building close to the metro line, metro connection port and ancillary facilities. it takes only 75 days to complete the earth excavation, support and foundation slab construction of the five underground floors (excavation depth: 25m) close to the rail traffic lines 4 and 10, and successfully completes modification and construction of 3 metro connection ports and 6 metro ancillary facilities. it performs well in construction progress and quality of ground and foundation and main structure, and thus is praised by the owner. in the general contracting management stage of the project, the project achieves the resources integration, and orderly arrangement and connection of multi-disciplinary cross-construction, and finally makes the total project period shortened by 150 days. in addition, the project completion record is completed successfully and is transferred to the property sector. this project is a high-quality complex building close to the metro line in hongkou and wins the unanimous praise of the competent department, metro unit, construction unit and supervision unit, etc. the efficiency rate of scientific and technological progress reaches 1.95%, and good economic and social benefits are obtained. the general contracting project department wins shanghai major project contribution competition excellent group, shanghai youth shock brigade, the third batch of national construction industry green construction demonstration project, leed certification gold award, shanghai hongkou high-quality structure, shanghai hongkou civilized construction site, and china construction eighth engineering division co., ltd. new technologies application demonstration construction site, and the construction site management wins the second prize of shanghai project management achievements award”.

project effect diagram

real scene of the project upon completion

50m ultra-deep underground diaphragm wall construction technology

trd construction method construction technology

hydraulic creeping formwork construction technology