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cscec green industrial park (jinan)

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introduction to the park: cscec green industrial park (jinan) is located in the state-level mingshui economic development zone in zhangqiu district, jinan city. it is about 30 kilometers away from the urban area of jinan and covers a floor space of 600 mu. the main business scope is the production and construction of green building products. it aims to build a green construction industrial park with leading technologies in china, even in the world.

the park mainly includes “four plants and one center”, namely, building industrialization plant, green and new-type formwork plant, bim electromechanical integration plant, decorative parts prefabrication plant, and green construction technology incubation center.

figure 1 industrial park planning diagram

building industrialization plant: with the floor space of about 250 mu and the annual production capacity of 0.3 million cubic meters, accounting for about 30% of annual demand quantities of prefabricated parts of jinan city; the main products include prefabricated internal and external walls, composite slabs, prefabricated beam columns, prefabricated stairs and prefabricated balconies for house building; prefabricated comprehensive pipe racks, prefabricated road inspection wells, prefabricated box culverts, and prefabricated cover plates for sponge city; and prefabricated shield segments for subway, etc.


figure 2 effect diagram of building industrialization plant

figure 3 building industrialization product: prefabricated external wall panel

figure 4 building industrialization product: composite slab

bim electromechanical integration plant: with a floor space of about 40 mu, the factory adopts a “bim-based building factory management system” that can effectively solve the problems of traditional electromechanical equipment installation products in prefabrication. the main products are: air ducts, crane span structures, pipes, hangers, prefabricated components, prefabricated equipment rooms, prefabricated pump units, and prefabricated pipe units, etc.



figure 5 bim electromechanical integration plant products diagram

green and new-type formwork plant: with a floor space of about 40 mu, this plant mainly conducts processing and renovation of aluminum alloy formwork, with the annual production capacity of 0.2 million square meters.


figure 6 new-type formwork product: aluminum alloy formwork

decorative parts prefabrication plant: it has two production lines for unit curtain walls and aluminum alloy doors and windows, with an annual production capacity of 0.15 million square meters. the main products are: advanced curtain walls, energy-saving doors and windows, etc.

figure 7 decorative part: advanced curtain wall

green construction technology incubation center: taking the green building industrial park as the carrier, it upholds the principle of win-win cooperation and service priority, integrates the upstream and downstream products of the new construction industrial chain for scientific and technological innovations, researches the green building products advocated by the country and makes it incubated as the industrial park enterprise.


figure 8 incubation products of incubation center